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Are you willing to join a reformer class? Contact MOTION LADIES FITNESS CENTER today.

Based in Dubai, we pride ourselves on creating stress-free and efficient reformer classes for women. Our classes are lead by highly qualified instructors.

Incredible Reformer Classes

Reformer classes are Pilates classes incorporating the Pilates reformer machine for a challenging and intense workout. The workouts consist of controlled and flowing movements, which helps you increase connective tissue strength, muscle endurance, and stamina.

Join MOTION LADIES FITNESS CENTER today for incredible reformer classes. Our highly qualified instructors have designed a dynamic workout to help you build muscles and develop strength.

 Build muscles and increase your endurance


Reformer Classes: Bringing Changes In Your Body

Reformer classes are perfect if you want to increase strength, flexibility, and coordination. Do you want to improve your posture and physique? Join MOTION LADIES FITNESS CENTER today.

Using the most well-known piece of Pilates equipment, the Reformer, we offer exceptional classes for both beginners and advanced students. Additionally, our 60 minutes classes will enhance your muscle tone and overall well-being.

Transform your body and life with Reformer Pilates

Why Join our Reformer Classes?

  • Help you tone and reshape your body
  • Help you regain your strength
  • Help you lose weight
  • Improve your flexibility
  • Release your happy hormones
  • Helps you lose your back pain
  • Better body posture